End Games A’Coming — Pull Up Your Socks

by Ken Kappel on December 9, 2012

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You may have noticed that we’ve virtually stopped posting here.


We’ve concluded that because:

The Rule of Law

was replaced by:

The Law of Financial Rulers …

… we really can’t help out underwater homeowners, UNLESS, they’re severely underwater, AND, have maybe $50 – 60 thousand to invest (over a period of 12-16 months) into a  well focused and “spirited  litigation.”

If not, well, many strategies abound. Some have simply stopped paying — defaulted — and are hoping to stay payment free for a real long time. In New York state, that averages 3 years. You do the math. Others go the re-conveyance route with QWR’s (Qualified Written Requests) and other re-conveyance of title strategies.

But, this does not solve the problem of what we call the back-end. Gaining clear and unclouded title; and, moreover making the Promissory Note go away completely in a negotiated settlement where the Bankster’s “paperwork clearly sounds in fraud.

We believe the latter is only possible with the “spirited litigation” route mentioned above . Verdad.

Consequently, unless some truly amazing game changing article comes along, which we’ll post here, we invite you to enjoy the irony in the funnies below.

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Last week President Obama bluntly warned Congress that he will not negotiate when it comes to raising the statutory debt limit.  If Republicans attempt to use a debt ceiling vote to win concessions on spending from the White House, Mr. Obama threatens simply to raise the limit by executive order or other unilateral action.

This is business as usual in Washington.  Democrats literally do not believe we have a deficit and debt problem, and reliably propose greater borrowing and spending.  Republicans talk a good game when it comes to government debt, but have no credibility to argue against deficits or abuses of executive power.  Brinksmanship ensues, and ugly compromises are reached at the 11th hour.  We all lose as the endless borrowing and money printing further erode our dollar and our economy.

Keep in mind that the federal government relentlessly spends about $100 billion more each month than it collects in taxes. This means roughly 40% of every dollar Washington spends is borrowed, to be “paid back” only in highly devalued, newly created money. Ultimately this can only lead to the destruction of the US dollar, as history plainly teaches.  But in the face of this reality Obama just shrugs, turning to demagoguery and talk of little old ladies’ Social Security checks . Like Obama, far too many Americans view federal debt as a nonissue.  Consider Paul Krugman, America’s most reliable Keynesian economist and a beloved figure among mainstream journalists.  He recently wrote an article about the debt limit issue, in which he discussed a controversial proposal to have the federal government simply create a platinum coin with a face value of $1 trillion:

“Here’s how it would work: The Treasury would mint a platinum coin with a face value of $1 trillion (or many coins with smaller values; it doesn’t really matter). This coin would immediately be deposited at the Federal Reserve, which would credit the sum to the government’s account. And the government could then write checks against that account, continuing normal operations without issuing new debt.”

To be fair, Mr. Krugman acknowledges that minting such a coin would be an accounting “trick,” but he is dead serious about this option for the Obama administration.  This then is the state of modern economics discourse in America, where a respected New York Times economist literally can propose creating “money for nothing” and have the idea taken seriously.

Krugman’s suggestion is just another variant of the endless stimulus proposals, which purport to create greater aggregate demand in the economy by creating more money.  Whether this is done by the Fed or the Treasury is of little importance, as long as government is creating demand-side “growth,” however artificial.

But in just a few short sentences Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe eviscerates the Krugmans of the world by pointing out the obvious: If governments or central banks really can create wealth simply by creating money, why does poverty exist anywhere on earth?  Why haven’t successive rounds of quantitative easing by the US Fed solved our economic recession?  And if Fed money creation really works, and doesn’t create inflation, why haven’t Americans gotten richer as the money supply has grown?

The truth is obvious to everyone.  Fiat currency is not wealth, and the creation of more fiat dollars does not mean that more rice, steel, soybeans, Ipads, or Honda Accords suddenly come into existence.  The creation of new fiat currency simply strengthens a fantasy balance sheet, either by adding to cash reserves or servicing debt.  But this balance sheet wealth is an illusion, just as the notion we can continue to raise the debt limit and borrow money forever is an illusion.

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How Did The Bailout Occur? − Money Talks − Is Money − Like a Corporation − A Legal PERSON???

September 3, 2012

Comedic relief aside, here’s a five minute summary video that clearly shows how the bought and paid for politicians in the Senate, came together and did what they were instructed to do. The video is called: “Goldman Sachs Bribed Senate To Pass Bailout Bill.” It is accessible here.

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Suburbs Going Down

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This from the good folks over at InsuranceQuotes.org.    

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JP Morgan Chase − No Legal Right To Foreclose ANY LOAN Originated at Washington Mutual

August 28, 2012

Now you have it!!! JP Morgan Chase can not prove it owns any of the loans (Promissory Notes) it obtained from Washington Mutual (WaMu). Does this include you? Was your originator WaMu? If so, Chase has no legal right to foreclose. If you are in default, underwater, and/or need or want a Forced Debt Reorganization [...]

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They’re Back − MERS − Losing Big Time Again − in Foreclosure Court

August 28, 2012

Here’s a short one from the good folks over 4closureFraud.org. “Foreclosures Called Into Question by MERS Ruling; Thousands of Cases Could Be Affected.” ______________________________ Their article said: “The court is saying that anybody other than the note holder cannot foreclose, she says. And that applies, too, to so-called “servicers” −usually banks that collect mortgage payments [...]

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Hey They’re Doing The Only Thing Left To Them — Counterfeiting More Money

August 27, 2012
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August 26, 2012

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Ya Can’t Even Talk To These Folks — Ya Can Try — They CAN’T Hear Ya

August 25, 2012

Paul Craig Roberts is a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Ronald Reagan, and former Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal. He posts a lot of articles over at CounterPunch.org, whose co-founder, the brilliant and unorthodox journalist, Alexander Cockburn passed recently, RIP. This article is important to read and understand. Well, we believe [...]

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Could This be the Way Forward??? − Ellen Brown, Esq. article

August 24, 2012

Ellen Brown is back with an interesting and very creative proposal that could unlock the dam − the prison − that holds our economy in lock-down; and, continues to force millions of underwater homeowners to live under a fraudulent debt serfdom that was not of their making. The article appeared over at the excellent Truthout.org [...]

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The Current Housing Con Job − Pay Close Attention

August 23, 2012

Joe Light, writing over at the Wall Street Journal has a great short, but, thinking article called: “Is This the End of the Housing Bust? Not So Fast, Says Shiller. The link is live, or, read it directly below. ___________________________________ Joe Light: “As I wrote in the Weekend Investor cover story, “Is the Real-Estate Rebound for [...]

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August 22, 2012
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We Told You This Was Coming − Stay in Your Foreclosed Home − Market Rental Rate

August 21, 2012

From time to time and in order to educate homeowners − and folks with foreclosure issues regarding breaking news related to foreclosure, which also gives information to assist homeowners in Confronting Fraudulent Housing Debt if you are in default, underwater, and/or need or want a Forced Debt Reorganization or Forced Short Sale − in both [...]

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Point, Game, Set, Match − Same ol’ − Banksters Really Do Control Our World

August 20, 2012

It’s well acknowledged that the Housing Bust Fiasco, which still dominates millions of American lives, AND, which in large part forces our economy to bump along the bottom, doesn’t get any better. All kinds of reasons − some imagined − some very real — point to the actual alleged culprits. We believe and think the [...]

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Sounds Great For Underwater Homeowners − It’s Not!!!

August 19, 2012

Bottom line: Those who took advantage of the HARP program to refinance − a growing number − think they got a deal. In fact, by signing the new loan docs they also agreed to never bring an action based on the fraud contained in the previous set of loan docs. Consequently those in default, underwater, [...]

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Truth Coming Out − How TARP “Foamed The Runway For The Banks” Neil Barofsky video

August 18, 2012

Former Federal Prosecutor for the Justice Department, where he went after the Mafia and other criminals, Neil Barofsky ran the TARP program for the government. He has a new book, which shows clearly how the government threw homeowners under the bus rather than allow the Banksters to be punished for their fraud. This is a [...]

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Is This Why Our Establishment Is Way Way Down on Iran?

August 17, 2012

“The following article by Yeganeh Torbati from Reuters is more than a bit astonishing. It’s titled: “Iran sentences four people to death for bank fraud.” We’re talking about deathly rough justice here for Banksters and their fraudulent co-conspirators. Heck, we don’t want a public hanging for our fraudulent Banksters. Give us back the money you [...]

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Update From The Temple

August 16, 2012


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