Don’t Give ME That Ol’ Time Guilt Trip − Homeowner’s Getting Smarter

by Ken Kappel on April 17, 2011

The full weight of Self-Righteousness-Telling. You better behave, or, we just may get you − real good.  See below, it will make sense.  Casino economy where the Banksters bring in Security using some sold-out attorneys to inform the bank lender fraud they run in their Casino — located somewhere in Bankistan — home of financial predators.

In order to inform homeowners of breaking news related to foreclosure issues, we often carry article from DSNews. Heather Hill Cernoch, tells this story. Read her entire article, Survey: 60% of Americans Frown on Mortgage Abandonment “ here.”

To the article.
“The majority of Americans say walking away from a mortgage should never be an option for homeowners, even those who are struggling to make their payments, according to a survey conducted by, a legal information Web site.”

“No reliable figures exist to pinpoint exactly how many homeowners choose strategic default, which entails walking away and refusing to make monthly payments, but industry experts agree that it has become a growing concern in the fallout of the housing crisis.”

“According to’s survey, 60 percent of respondents believe it is “never OK” for homeowners to strategically stop making payments on their mortgages.” [Emphasis Added.]

“One-third (34 percent) say it’s OK to walk away if they aren’t able to make the monthly payments. Only 3 percent say homeowners should be able to walk away from mortgages anytime they want.”

Ken here:  What would they say, this 3 percent, if they woke up and realized that nearly every mortgage in America is laced with contract fraud and Securitization Fraud perpetrated knowingly by Banksters.  Could they have a heart then We truly hope so, until then we’ll do our best to educate them.

Back to the article.

“Many homeowners are currently facing very difficult and complicated situations involving their home mortgage – in some cases even including the threat of foreclosure,” said Stephanie Rahlfs, an attorney and editor for”

“But before making any major decisions, Rahlfs stresses that homeowners should consult with financial and legal professionals, and be aware that any major change to a mortgage situation could lead to serious and unanticipated consequences involving taxes, contract law, credit scores, and the potential for lawsuits.”

Ken here.  This is so outrageous.  A threat by an attorney is one thing, but, Stephania Rahlfs, Esq., you are also a woman.  A homemaker to boot?  We don’t know.

The full weight of Self-Righteousness-Telling. You better behave, or, we just may get you − real good.  The irony is that the informed homeowner who reads this WebBlog realizes that it is the homeowner who will be bring such charges TO THE BANKS, because homeowners are beginning to refuse to be victimized by a System that is stacked against them by the Banking Elites, the Banksters who are fighting for their very business lives.

That’s nothing, homeowners are fighting for their families and their right to make appropriate decisions based on the dawning discovery that most of us have been defrauded by the banking elites. Now that is a group (legally empowered homeowners) that those who fight against homeowners, are going to lose. That’s old school, and we’re moving on.

“Various government programs and tax changes involving mortgages have been enacted since the beginning of the housing crisis,” Rahlfs said.”Combined with private programs and variations in state laws, it creates a complicated web of potential actions available to homeowners, who should carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of their decisions.”

“The FindLaw survey was conducted using a telephone survey of a demographically balanced sample of 1,000 American adults and has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 3 percent.”

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