Hoo Boy − More Paperwork While Underwater Homeowners and Folks With Foreclosure Issues Twist Slowly in The Wind

by Ken Kappel on October 18, 2011

In order to inform homeowners of breaking news related to foreclosure issues, we often carry articles from DSNews. Carrie Bay tells the story. Read her entire article below, or at her web: “OCC: Servicers to Spend One Year or More Reviewing Foreclosures.” The link is live. To the article.

“It will be a long road ahead for the 14 servicers who received consent orders from federal regulators earlier this year. Acting Comptroller of the Currency John Walsh says the servicers will spend the next year or more recompensing for past documentation errors related to foreclosure processing.” [Emphasis Added.]

Ken here. Yeah, like we said at the top, while you twist slowly in The Wind.

“Unfortunately, such a complex process will take another year and more to complete,” Walsh stated before the Institute for International Finance Friday.”

“I wish it could be completed more quickly,” he added, “but it’s important that it be done correctly and in a way that assures fair treatment for homeowners who underwent foreclosure proceedings. Walsh believes this is the only way to restore confidence to the market.”

“Under the direction of the OCC, the 14 servicers must hire an independent consultant to review cases in which foreclosed borrowers believe they suffered monetary damages due to wrongful actions by their servicers.”

Ken here. “… independent consultant….” Year sure, independent of the homeowners, and deeply beholden − to get hired and paid − by the Banksters. Trust us, we’ve been a consultant, you owe your fealty− your bought loyalty −  to the one who brung ya.

“This effort includes a massive campaign to get information out to affected borrowers,” Walsh stated. The campaign will include mailings, tracing techniques, and advertising.”

“In addition, the servicers are to establish a single website and toll-free number through which borrowers can access necessary forms and information.”

“Walsh notes that this is a massive project, and “[j]ust contacting all those eligible for review to provide necessary information will be a challenge.” In fact, about 4.5 million loans will be up for review.”

“Walsh is confident the process will bring fair treatment for borrowers, ensuring “that at-risk borrowers get a fair chance to stay in their homes, while assuring that those who do find themselves in foreclosure receive appropriate protection and due process under the law,” he said.”

Ken here. Laughable.

“The challenges before us are substantial, but so are the steps we have taken in our enforcement orders. I believe that we are on track to settle outstanding issues in a way that respects the needs of all who have truly suffered from flaws in the system and restores confidence in the system,” Walsh stated. “The sooner the better.”

Ken here. Nice talk. The OCC is still under control of the Financial Elites. Over the last few years, they came down hard on various state authorities that tried to utilize existing state laws. The OCC demanded that federal law interpretations be made — against who(?) — homeowners.

More to come on this subject over time. Give us some time, and stay tuned. And, remember, this is really all about foreclosure and securitization fraud by Wall Street, let alone Loan Origination Fraud — which ulitmaetly arrives on the doorstep of Foreclosure Law.

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