Bill Black is Back — Dylan Ratigan video interview

by Ken Kappel on October 20, 2011

Wow. One of the most incredible short videos you may ever see if you are a underwater homeowner, or have foreclosure issues. This is the epitome of “Foreclosure Gate.”

MUST SEE – Dylan Ratigan With David Degraw & Bill Black: “We Put The U.S. Treasury Up For Auction And Goldman Sachs Was The Highest Bidder!” Click here.

At 4:10 into the video, Bill Black, Esq., (our hero) former Chief Federal Regulator for the Savings & Loan Crisis, who indicted thousands of S&L banking executives and put over 1,000 of those banking executives in prison in the early 1990s, says:

“The biggest victims of the fraud are the homeowners….”

Here are a couple of pull-quotes from the interview.

Degraw, an organizer of Occupy Wall Street says:
“The Wall Street protests are a rejection of the failed Left-Right Paradigm.  Both parties are to blame and both are owned by the big banks.”

Black says:
“The first thing we have to do is fire Tim Geithner [US , [Attorney General] Eric Holder and force Ben Bernanke to resign.  There is no excuse for not prosecuting all 20 of the largest banks for obvious and demonstrable fraud.  Where is Paul Krugman and his use of the F-word, FRAUD!”

Ratigan says:
“I hope I get the pleasure of covering Bill Black’s prosecution of the banks in 2012.”

Check it out. It will put steel in your spine, maybe get you in the street, but, moreover it should inspire you to get educated right here on this blog. Remember, what we’re always saying:

This isn’t left right stuff.
This is about the fact that the entire system is not fair.
In fact so much of it is based in fraud.
Fraud committed on you.
Get it?

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