Housing Market Due For Radical Change — Dr. Housing Bubble article

by Ken Kappel on October 8, 2012

As you know we’re only posting a couple of times per month. Why?

As we recently wrote to a reader of this blog and our book, who inquired about “tools” which may help his family that is way underwater:

“Having been on this beat for five years, ups and downs, I’ve reached the conclusion that justice in only obtainable for folks who can afford to pay for it.

“I’m talking about $40-50K for knowledgeable counsel, Affidavit by a court approved, “expert witness” supporting Securitization Audit, and, diligent and extensive moving paper war in court to force judge to grant complete discovery (reveals the fact that the mortgage docs based in fraud).

It’s not cheap to get there — to that point in the litigation. However,  IF a family gets that far, banks generally rush to settle. But, only then.

The Rule of Law is shredded.
The Law of the Rulers is operative.

With that said, we strongly suggest you read one of the Good Doctor’s latest posts. Below are two paragraphs to give you
an indication of what you’ll learn.  To see the entire article called (in part): “The Future of American Housing …..” click here.


Dr. Housing Bubble:

“This is why we have seen new home sales not really “boom” even though there is clear population demand for housing.  Yet the key of course is affordability.  And the mega McMansions built out in places like the Inland Empire, Las Vegas, or Florida may have a harder time when budgets are constrained by so many other factors.  High density housing is more appealing to many younger Americans for a variety of reasons but probably the biggest one is economic.  They simply cannot afford the white picket fence vision of housing that reigned supreme during the baby boomer era.”

“The fact that the Fed has moved so aggressively with QE3 tells me they simply do not believe US household incomes will rise.  From their perspective, as long as Americans can go into massive debt and actually “purchase” the home, iPad, car, or vacation then people will keep on trucking.  It is troubling to see so much energy and resources focused on housing as the apex of our growth.  This goes all the way back to Alan Greenspan.”

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