End Games A’Coming — Pull Up Your Socks

by Ken Kappel on December 9, 2012

You may have noticed that we’ve virtually stopped posting here.


We’ve concluded that because:

The Rule of Law

was replaced by:

The Law of Financial Rulers …

… we really can’t help out underwater homeowners, UNLESS, they’re severely underwater, AND, have maybe $50 – 60 thousand to invest (over a period of 12-16 months) into a  well focused and “spirited  litigation.”

If not, well, many strategies abound. Some have simply stopped paying — defaulted — and are hoping to stay payment free for a real long time. In New York state, that averages 3 years. You do the math. Others go the re-conveyance route with QWR’s (Qualified Written Requests) and other re-conveyance of title strategies.

But, this does not solve the problem of what we call the back-end. Gaining clear and unclouded title; and, moreover making the Promissory Note go away completely in a negotiated settlement where the Bankster’s “paperwork clearly sounds in fraud.

We believe the latter is only possible with the “spirited litigation” route mentioned above . Verdad.

Consequently, unless some truly amazing game changing article comes along, which we’ll post here, we invite you to enjoy the irony in the funnies below.

That’s all folks. Great Good Luck.

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