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The Testimonials below were written by reader’s of our first book, Choose Foreclosure: The Case For Walking Away, published, August, 2008.  That is what we believed then.  We’ve changed our mind because we discovered the depth of Predatory Lending, and what the average borrower could do about it to protect their family. Use legal leverage against the Banksters.

In the first book we suggested that someday we would offer a program to literally guide people through the process.  The program is now in place and we highly encourage you to become a Member of the Mortgage Options Network.

The new book, Use Foreclosure Law: Keep Your Home, gives borrowers a specific action plan, a guide, to take back the power from the lenders. You can bet that your mortgage documents and note are filled with fraud.  With specific information in hand, (gained through a necessary Forensic Loan Audit) we then guide you to professionals who will take on your lender and other parties culpable in the fraud.

Below is what some people said about the first book:

"Thanks for this great thought-provoking book. It's actually heartening to learn the eye-opening background of this debacle and to understand how I'm truly not alone. This books provides the ammunition one needs to get started exploring the options of Walking Away.  I'm thankful for any further information and guidance you provide. Know you are doing us all a huge service!"  Cheryl in

”The message of this book is one of empowerment – after reading it I felt like I had a choice and a path to follow that was decided by me – not the banks or mortgage brokers.  The author seamlessly describes how this crisis came to be and exactly what you can do about it.  Thank you for providing such a valuable resource!”    Mike in Reno

”Postman:  I'm still impressed by how devastatingly accurate your predictions of the current crisis were, even back in late 2004, early 2005 when I first heard them.” Mark in Marin County, California

“If you are expecting a detailed guide on how to walk away from a house that has lost value and in which you have little or no equity, this is not the book for you. Instead, the author provides a philosophical argument for why you are justified in walking away from your house during these times. He likens the owner of a house with a high mortgage payment and decreasing value to an "indentured debt slave". The book rightfully blames Wall Street, banks, predatory lending practices and Alan Greenspan among others for creating the real estate "Ponzi Scheme" and getting us, the little guy, trapped in a financial nightmare. I truly enjoyed reading this, no holds barred, attack on the financial system that created so much pain for Americans. If you have some ethical problem with pursuing foreclosure, this book will rid you of that guilt. There are some helpful guides to walking away from your mortgage but not the kind of state-by-state legal guide I was looking for.”  Todd in St. Petersburg, FL

Thank you very much Todd.  Your valid (at the time, regarding the first book) complaints are one of the reasons why we wrote the new book, Use Foreclosure Law.

We believe we have thoroughly answered your very valid complaints.  The new book combined with the web site (together it’s “New Media”) provide a step-by-step guide and an actual method to go about it, through the process.  Thanks for giving us a cold shower. A further wake up call. <g>

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