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New Award Winning Film Festival

Dramatic Festival Theme

Goldman Sach's Dilemma:

"Big Money v. Few Friends"

(Hint: They Took the Money!!!)

Eliot Spitzer on Goldman Sachs and Matt Taibbi

Mini-Festival Within Goldman Sachs' Festival

Brilliant Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone

Matt Taibbi On Goldman Sachs' Big Scam

Matt on Goldman Sachs' Role
in the Housing and Internet Busts

Matt Runs Down Goldman' Sachs
Graduates with Government Positions

Matt on Goldman Sachs' Powerful Influence

Matt on Goldman Sachs' Excuse

One of our Greatest Comedians Takes a Swipe:
Jon Stewart Takes on Goldman Sachs

If That’s Not ENOUGH Try This:!!
Bloomberg on Goldman’s market manipulation code

It Gets Worse:  Should Paulson be Indicted???
Rep. Alan Grayson: "Hank Paulson Had a $700M Conflict of Interest"

Then try THIS, because we didn’t start the Fire
Fed Under FIRE

Masters Hold Court
CNBC:  Predicting Crisis: Dr. Doom & the Black Swan
Jousting with the CNBC kids:
Masters of the Universe: Roubini & Taleb

If you have any money -- where here do you put it.
Gold Should Reach $15,000 an Ounce Says Rich Dad

Below is an Astonishing short clip from the Rachel Maddow MSNBC show in which Spitzer proves beyond a doubt that every homeowner must do their own “cramdown.” The government will not help. 

Cramdown aka reduction of principal amount owed to current market value. This can enable millions of homeowners to keep their homes at fair market value.

Eliot Spitzer Returns

Why Was Eliot Spitzer Politically Assassinated?

In-Depth Look - Debunking The Notion Of Too Big To Fail - Bloomberg

Interview and analysis with Mariner Kemper of UMB Financial regarding about the testifying of Sheila Bair before the congress on the too big to

Merkley Discusses Solutions to Mortgage Crisis


Jon Stewart with Jim Cramer Full Episode

Of course it’s Comedy Central and the laughs on you
’cause you gotta watch some commercials. 
But    oh so   oh so worth it!!!

Senator Chuck Grassley: “Sucking the Tit of the Taxpayer

Bill Black is Back On YouTube

Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?
Beyond shocking. At the heart of the matter. 

Mortgage Bankers Celebrate Victory

Fire Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis

Renowned Meredith Whitney:

”House Prices To Fall Another 30%”

Team Obama Too Politically Frightened
To Admit US Banks Insolvent ???


Not Brand New But Still Way Way Hot

Mortgage Servicers’ Secret

Help Homeowners Level the Playing Field

Congressman Conyers Gets Ready for Cramdown
Lament a Dream Gone Down


Bank Nationalization:  Not So Bad?
Yves Smith on CNBC:

60 Minutes: Option ARMs: A World of Trouble

Who's Keeping Burger King Workers Below Poverty Line?
Goldman Sachs? Jeez: they already control the Treasury and the Fed.

Housing Bubble
Take a break -- easy country listening

Business Week:  How Banks Are Worsening the Foreclosure Crisis
Truths finally emerging in Financial Press

Jim Rogers Says Geithner Caused Crisis, Must Let Banks Fail, Feb. 11, 2009
Oh Boy hold on to your socks!!!

 The Bailout Rap
After the previous you need relief

Marc Faber "U S will default on debt or enter hyperinflation" 02-05-09

Congressman Michael Capuano nails Wall Street Crooks
– Bankster Fry

CNN:  CEO bailouts? How about the homeowners?

Stay Put – Produce the Note

Meredith has heavy street cred, Wall Street cred.
Well worth a 12 minute listen, especially at the end.

60 Minutes: The Mortgage Meltdown

Is This Our Manufacturing Future?

Obama picks Paul Volker

WSJ:  What Citigroup Says About Health of Banking System

Very Topical & Entertaining
You'll likely send these to friends.

Job Market 2009

No Sympathy For Der Fuehrer

Freddie Mack Revealed

Bailout Song

Props For Upcoming TV Specials

CNBC Special: HOUSE of Cards" with David Faber...
Astonishing this would be made, let alone aired on CNBC.
Lays it all out.  Repeat viewing:
* Sunday, March 15, 2009 at 9p ET 



New New New
Jon Stewart Festival

Jon Stewart Also Nominated For:
Smartest Leading Man
in a Very Serious Film

Stewart vs. Cramer
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

More Steward Gettin' After 'em:

CNET Give Financial Advice: Rick Santelli Exposed

Joe Nocera, NY Times

The Dow Knows All

We Call it a Comprehsive
Brand New Film Festivel

The Highly regarded Barry Ritholtz

Calls It A Video-o-rama

It’s a longish download
Whatever – Just Go

Mr. Mortgage Film Festival

Mr. Mortgage Nominated For:
Smartest Leading Man
in a Very Serious Film

Mr Mortgage CNBC 2-3 on Housing & Shadow Inventory
Video is second hand, message in audio.
Turn up volume please, you will not regret it.
This is most critical to understand market going down much further.
This is why banks won’t, actually CAN'T lend!!!

Mr Mortgage - Time to Get Your Bailout!

Mr Mortgage on Loan Mods, TARP & Home Sales

Mr Mortgage - 'The Quickening'

Mr Mortgage on the Pay Option ARM Implosion

Mr Mortgage - Home Equity Delinquencies Surge

Mr. Mortgage on CNBC's Faber Report 9/29/2008

Mr Mortgage on the Fannie/Freddie Crisis

Mr Mortgage - Home Equity Delinquencies Surge

Mr Mortgage- Non-Mainstream Mar Existing Home Sales Rpt

Mr Mortgage - Home Equity Delinquencies Surge


Inside word: this screen icon may start filming again in 2009, we can't wait.

Newest Film Festival

Real People's Stories of Foreclosure
You Can Produce Your Own Film Here
Hosted by the Brilliant Caring Folks at:

Brave New Films

Gerald Celente Film Festival

Gerald Celente: The Greatest Depression in History

Gerald Celente on the Financial Sense Newshour - 2/7/09

Gerald Celente on Glenn Beck 10 Feb 09 Economic Apocalypse !!!!!!

Maestro Greenspan Film Festival

Greenspan Tosses In The Towel -- Was Wrong

Now He Finally Tells Us???

Greenspan: "Shocked Over Credit Tsunami"

Greenspan:  "I Was Wrong!"

Greenspan & Rep. Bernard Sanders

Whoops!!! Greenspan Left Something Out

Silly Money Film Festival

Where Did All The Money Go? 

Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:
Part Four:
Part Five:

Video / Music Festival

CMR Music Videos
Economy Housing Focus
Luv Your Music.

Jim Cramer Film Festival
Ridiulous Kramer. True friend of the average investor???

Part One:  Cramer recommendation telling users not to exit Bear Stearns 1 week before meltdown

Part Two:  Sorta  Mea Culpa Cramer Admits (sorta) He Was Wrong on Bear Stearns –
Rationalizing his bad advice.

Part Three:  August 2007, Cramer complaining the Fed is not doing enough to bail out his buddies in Wall Street

Part Four:  Then (Nov 2006) - Jim Cramer’s prediction of housing market –
Way wrong on real estate when those of us who looked – knew crash was coming.


Money Banking and the Federal Reserve

Still Hot Stuff!!!

Brilliant Jim Rogers: “Inflation Holocaust”

60 Minutes: The Bet That Blew Up Wall Street

Charlie Rose with Nobel Economist: Paul Krugman

Sounds Like Insider Trading To Me! Rep Kaptur

Deep Brain Audio

A Fake Banking History of the United States

Economist Frank Shostak on Economy

Mr. Stick Tells All

Mortgage Explanation: by Anon
Warning Warning:
Very very bad language!

Foreclosure Litigation

Produce the Note

Our Very Wise People
Lucky to have 'em

Marc Faber:  Let the Crisis Burn Itself Out
Peter Schiff on 2008.10.15

NYU’s Roubini Sees Risk of ‘Severe Global Depression

Hits Keep on Coming

Jon Stewart on Bailout

Foreclosure Alley - P1

Foreclosure Alley - P2

Realistic Libertarian Views on “Bailout”
Congressman Ron Paul R-Texas

Mama: Make it All Better
Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, she's back

60 Minutes: A Look at Wallstreet's Shadow Market

Heros and the Rest

Marc Faber Interview on Bloomberg

Financial Times Interview With Professor Roubini

Roubini: Alphabet Soup of Recession – CNBC

More Roubini:

Soros on Oil and the Economy

Stiglitz: U.S. Facing Long Recession

Ron Paul Video

Investment Bank Business Model Fundamental Flawed

The Corporation

Mismanagement Of America

How the Fed Creates Moral Hazard and Sez:

Obviously – That’s What We Do!  The Arrogance – The Arrogance

CNBC-Subprime Derivatives

Lowenstein Lecture on the American Economy

Appraisal Crisis

Subprime Primer

Mortgage Problems Explained

Homeowners facing foreclosure seek second home

Take A Load Off Fannie: Narrated by the Band.

A Discussion of the takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Nationalize Fannie/Freddie? Taxpayers can pay – Again!

Bank Faces Questions Over Bay Area Homes

Don’t Bail Out Bob – Or His Bank

This Housing Bust Is Worst Ever – The American Dream Ends
Jim Cramer Flip Flops on Housing

Jim Cramer: The game is RIGGED!

The Long Johns on Subprime

Music IS Great!!!

The Beatles:  Mr. Postman

Kelly Clarkson Music – Walk Away

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