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Opening Statement

The purpose of our book, this web site and our blog (combined as “New Media”) is to give you the knowledge, moreover, the confidence and tools to successfully stand up to your mortgage servicer or originator.

Through knowledge, confidence and tools you can protect your family and your home. If you have a mortgage or refi issued since 2002, more than likely you are a victim of Predatory Lending and Securities Fraud.

Your mortgage issues – this problem – robs you of sleep and dignity, and inflicts great damage on your family. This emotional pain is debilitating and stops clear thinking. We propose solutions to solve the problem – take the pain away.

“RoboSigning.” “ForeclosureGate.” “Produce the Note.”

You’ve heard of these things which have being lately quieted down by the Banks with assistance of the general media, the Administration and Congress. It isn’t a matter of just “straightening out some paperwork” as the banks claim.

A Litigation Year.
2011 promises to be a year of heavy litigation against the Bankers. This is coming from investors in Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) such as insurance companies and pension funds and off-shore investors in MBS. They are demanding to “put back” fraudulent loans to the originator of those loans for failing to comply with various guarantees made to these investors in Servicing and Pooling Agreements, part of the Securitization process. They demand the banks take the loans back.

So should you. Use Foreclosure Law to push your loan back to the bank, OR, use legal leverage for a workout in your favor, such as a “protected” short sale or loan reorganization.

In addition to litigation coming from investors in MBS, major mortgage insurance companies are suing the banking originators, demanding to be made whole after they paid out insurance on defaulted loans, when in fact the loans contained elements of Securities Fraud. Federal Court litigation by these major players is good for you, because it brings these fraud issues forward in the courts, and become precedent for local state courts, who have previously in large part sided with the Bankers. That is changing all over the country. Finally, a bit of the rule of law becomes legitimized.

This new volume of litigation is very important to borrowers, because it proves that borrowers and investors have the same interest. On the opposing side are the Bank / Lender / Servicer.

Facing Foreclosure?
Need a “protected” short sale?

Wish to keep your home with principal reduction and reduced interest rate?

(23% of all U.S. mortgages are underwater, AND, 22% more are nearly underwater.) That is nearly 45% of all mortgages. Consequently, out of 52 million homes with mortgages, approximately 12 million households owe more than their loan obligation and another 11 million are likely to be underwater before this year is half over.

Done with Debt?
In spite of the Bankster and Fed cheerleaders who directly created and allowed the Housing Bubble and now claim that we have “green shoots,” and an “improving” economy, new data proves that home prices will continue downward. The double-dip is in place. Your home will continue to lose value while your monthly payments remain the same, or like millions, with interest only ARMs, payments will increase.

Strategic Default
Never – ever – do a Strategic Default (walk-away) from an underwater loan without obtaining a Forensic Loan and/or a Securities audit. See, below.

The purpose of our book, this web site and our blog (combined as “New Media”) is to give you the knowledge, moreover, the confidence and tools to successfully stand up to your mortgage servicer or originator.

Frankly, you are opposed by: The Administration, Congress, the U.S. Attorney General, the FBI, 50 State Attorney Generals, and many Judicial Forums. They put forward feeble efforts such as HAMP. They claim to be on your side, they are not. They are uniformly committed to not bring to Criminal Justice the Bankers who control them, and who have destroyed the American Economy – the American Dream. See our blog for breaking news that documents our positions.

As you know, the Bankers survive and thrive on bailouts. You provided the bailouts – your money – for them through their Congress. It is no longer your Congress because the Bankers supply the politicians with election money. Taxpayer bailouts (your money) go only to Bankers. Last year they provided themselves with record setting bonuses only a year after taking billions of bailout money.

That bailout money from you, enables the Bankers to pass it out to political campaigns. You know it, and you know you won’t read this in the newspapers.

If you choose to take action to solve your mortgage issues, none of the governmental entities named above will or can help you. They are all controlled by the Financial Industry. You know it, and you know you won’t read this in the newspapers.

Final Time
The purpose of our book, this web site and our blog (combined as “New Media”) is to give you the knowledge, moreover, the confidence and tools to successfully stand up to your mortgage servicer or originator.

Are you underwater seeking a loan reorganization?
With a principal reduction, 30 year fixed at 5%.

Are you seeking a “protected” short sale?
Often situations in life force people to seek a short sale. You must fight – use legal leverage – to have a “protected” short sale which means you will not have a tax liability or, a court ordered deficiency judgment against you after you think you have moved on with your life.

To achieve your objective, whether a short sale or underwater loan reorg, you must use legal leverage, only available through a Forensic Loan Audit (a TILA audit) and/or a Securities Audit based on what they did with your loan after you signed your documents.

You need the confidence to fight for your family. We strongly believe that confidence will come, when you understand the facts contained in our book: Use Foreclosure Law: Keep Your Home.

Who in fact created the housing bubble, and why?

What did they do – how did they do it?

When did they do it?

Why did they do it?

The answers to these questions – and much more information is contained in our book:

Use Foreclosure Law: Keep Your Home.

When you understand – you will be empowered, have the courage and confidence to take the necessary steps to achieve your ideal outcome.

You will have the power and tools to use the law to repudiate fraud based debt whether Predatory Lending or on Security Law violations used by Investment Bankers with your loan.

Depending on your unique circumstances, it may not be easy. Yet, in fighting back – you go on the offense. Points are scored on offense. Victories are achieved with a winning offense.

First. You must have confidence. You need to really to believe you can do what is required. Moreover, you have the legal right and moral obligation to defend and protect your family. Only then can the problem be addressed through a solution that will eliminate the pain in your family’s lives.

Second. You need to read Use Foreclosure Law: Keep Your Home, to begin to build the confidence which results from information, which becomes knowledge and therefore understanding of the situation you were placed in.

Third. Depending on your family’s circumstances you need to obtain a Forensic Loan and/or Securities Audit to determine the specific depth of fraud (committed on you) in your loan; and, subsequent Securities Fraud (committed on you), which was likely made part of your loan at the moment you signed it, although the facts were not clearly disclosed to you. In some cases due to lack of disclosure the mortgage or Deed of Trust and the Promissory Note were void on closing.

Fourth. You then need a focused strategic action plan, utilizing the information and tools mentioned above.

Fifth. Your first step is to download and read the free 17 page book excerpt from the link on the right sidebar. Do it now! This will enable you to understand what you will learn from the actual book. You must have confidence, the book will give it to you.

Sixth. Then you need to purchase a copy of Use Foreclosure Law: Keep Your Home and read it.

Seventh. Then you can follow the steps we recommend after you have read the book and follow the information and breaking news on our blog.

That’s a lot. You can do it. And, we’ll be there for you if you follow the steps outlined above.

Knowledge will give you Confidence.

Confidence will give you Courage.

Courage will enable you to take Action.

Action will solve the problem that gives you so much pain right now.

If you pick up the tools we offer – the right tools for the job – you can overcome a lack of the Rule of Law in America.

You must defend your family and your home. No one else is going to do it.

Don’t quit – don’t walk away or be illegally foreclosed on. If millions take action we will change the world. Literally. We can take our country back from the Controlling Bankers.

When the President chooses an executive from JP Morgan as his brand new Chief of Staff, when the President chooses an Honorary Member of Goldman Sachs as his Treasury Secretary, you must understand, Wall Street has captured and arguably terrorized the President.

“We must do it our way Mr. President, or the world economic system will explode on your watch.”

Give us a break, that was what they said in 2008, and still they repeat what they did before, there are no reforms and we plunge deeper and deeper in debt to save the Banks and their continuing Ponzi Schemes.

While horrifying – we argue that the real War is not in Iraq or Afghanistan – the Real War is here at home. Bankers do not care if they put your family in the street.

It really is a matter of taking back our Country before they take away our homes.

Taking it back from Banks who are intent on taking your home from you, and maybe, later on, if you are real nice, they might rent it back to you – after they’ve put you in the street, or back home living with your folks. This is happening. Families are doubling up, and more often three generations are living in one home – like the rest of the Third World.

Under threat, the Wall Street Banking interests convinced the industrial corporations to eliminate manufacturing in America, which grew this country for sixty years. Domestic manufacturing is the only way to create National Wealth. Not Financial Engineering, which only benefits Financiers. They destroyed the middle class. They created unemployment – certain death for a “consumer society.”

Mortgage rates are still very low. The stock market looks great right now. The bond market bubble is due to and beginning to implode. To be followed later this year by the now pumped stock market. Sell your bonds. Sell your stocks, play ahead of the Trend. That is the mark of a successful investor.

The Chinese are in rebellion against the depreciating dollar and are refusing to buy U.S. Treasuries. So, you buy them through the Federal Reserve. To pay the insane national debt (highest in history), the Fed has stepped up with newly created money and is buying Treasuries every month. They call it QE2. They are merely continuing to create fiat debt money, currency that the taxpayers are responsible for paying off – at interest. Criminal?!? We think so. This is part of the Ponzi Scheme you read about.

Ron Paul will be making efforts to have the Fed audited, have our alleged gold reserves at Fort Knox audited. We wish him well and protection from the Highest Source.

States and municipalities are going broke. All this is because of Federal Reserve printing presses, and our lack of manufacturing, which used to create wealth for the middle class. There was trickle down from that. Now the top 10% claims 80% of everything and are decidedly not trickling anything down, except disrespect and more debt for you.

Use Foreclosure Law: Keep Your Home

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