Here They Come − Foreclosures Up − Many More To Come”

July 15, 2012

Be prepared, be very very prepared. Best read ALL this blog, then our book. Get yourself educated. We had to go to France for this story, OK OK, we didn’t actually go to the City of Lights, but, it comes from Agence France-Presse, and was cross-posted from The article is called: “U.S. home foreclosure [...]

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Macro: Think It Can’t − Won’t − Get Much Worse − Think Again − Paul Craig Roberts article

July 13, 2012

Paul Craig Roberts, is the former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury under President Ronald Reagan. He is also former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. Since he left the dark side he has been reporting shocking cases of prosecutorial abuse for two decades. A new edition of his book, The Tyranny of Good [...]

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Macro: Wake UP Call − Straight Up − No Chaser − James Kunstler article

July 12, 2012

James Howard Kunstler over at, has given us a bleak picture. He calls this short article: “The Drowning Pool.” It’s cross-posted from The link is live, or, read it below. By the way, we only wish we had James’ writing skills. Since we don’t, he speaks for himself. His argument and words carry [...]

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Broken Rules − Justice Denied − Americans Take Heed — Glenn Greenwald article

July 11, 2012

Below is a stunning article by highly regarded documentary film maker Glenn Greenwald  He posted the article over at, and called the article “Rules of American justice ” The link is live, or, read it directly below. It might be more aptly titled: “No More Rules in American Justice For Elites.” Yet, that’s just [...]

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Macro: Master Gold Analyst Is Fed UP − Jim Sinclair article

July 10, 2012

One thing is certain. Jim Sinclair is certainly in the top three − world-wide − as a professional 30 year veteran of the analysis of precious metals − gold and silver. Jim is the proprietor of, and, main man at “Jim Sinclair’s Complete bio at the bottom. We’re presenting this article because it’s critical [...]

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First Tea Party Revisited — Dump That Debt — Like Boston Patriots Dumped Those Tea Boxes — To Protest The Bank of England — Yep!

July 10, 2012


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Political Economy − Emphasis on BOTH − Underwater Homeowners Take Heed − Charles Hugh Smith article

July 9, 2012

Our highly esteemed colleague, author, blogger, guitar player, economic technical  analyst, and philosopher (sans PhD), Charles Hugh Smith. writes brilliantly over at” His latest report is well worth your time − AT THIS TIME.  Particularly if you have debt issues. Like? − who doesn’t? He calls this report: “Musings Report #28  07-7-12  The Economy [...]

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From The Street − Folks Not Buying Stuff − Confidence (Appropriately) Down − A Downer

July 8, 2012

The New York Times published this short article by Christine Hauser that she called: “Growth in Retail Sales Slows From Last Year’s Numbers.” The link is live or read directly below. ___________________________ “Some of the nation’s biggest retail chains reported on Thursday that sales growth slowed in June, as shoppers held back amid wavering consumer [...]

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Deeper Now: It’s Not Just Banksters Violating the Public Trust − Yves Smith article

July 7, 2012

Lately, in our magazine-style blog (presentation of articles to you — from experts) we’ve begun to share broader information to help educate folks with mortgage and/or foreclosure issues. Frankly, more and more bloggers are coming out of the woodwork, and posting articles they/we, might not have dared to publish even a few months ago.  Why [...]

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Federal Help For Home Borrowers? — Nah! − More Bad Faith From The Feds − Yves Smith article

July 6, 2012

This article by Yves Smith lays it out simply, yet profoundly. “Yves Smith, is back with a piece regarding Abigail Field, Esq.’s, excellent analysis. Yves is the principal blogger and publisher at the No. 1 rated economic blog, Naked Capitalism, and wrote the following piece. We believe and think that she is likely the most [...]

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Barclay’s Bank Interest Rate Fraud Forces CEO DIAMOND’S Resignation − Will CEO DIMON Of JP Morgan Be Far Behind? Jesse article

July 5, 2012

Hot news swilling about everywhere regarding the resignations and Parliament’s Hearing regarding Barclay’s being found out. These Banksters — Financial Elites — Financial Engineers are being found out quite regularly as of late. Jeez, CEO Bob Diamond resigns. Can CEO Jamie Dimon be far behind? Not likely since he arguably runs the Federal Reserve System [...]

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Pig AND Donkey Show

July 5, 2012


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Kicking The Can − No “Principal Reduction” Mods if The Young President Can Keep Them Out − Yves Smith article

July 4, 2012

It reverts back to politics. It reverts back to the Young President being captured by the Financial Elites. Sticky Wicket for him to cover up for Banksters this year. On the other hand, Mr. Romney said, and we paraphrase: “Let the foreclosures begin − immediately.” Such a remark proves that he and the Young President [...]

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What Have We Got To Lose? − That We Haven’t Lost Already!

July 3, 2012

We write this blog with sincere intentions to aid and assist, moreover to educate underwater homeowners. Whether they are on the left or right makes no difference. Folks should think on eliminating political short-sighted traps that keep us in one camp or another. Those camps are where the politicians play − rather prey on good [...]

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Macro: A Simplified Analysis To Understand How (WHY) The Banking System Is At Odds With Underwater Homeowners and both the Domestic and Global Economies

July 2, 2012

Too often, economic language is obscure (intentionally), which causes most folks to roll their eyes and move on. Here, particularly with the article below you can clearly understand what goes − what gives − with our economy; and, why we remain stuck, actually going backwards. Please take special notice when you see the word fraud [...]

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Housing Crisis Has Not Touched Bottom.

July 1, 2012

Beyond what you’re reading in the rah-rah corporate press, or info put out by politicians, there is strong evidence that we have not seen the bottom in the housing market. “According to Michael Lombardi, lead contributor to Profit Confidential, the major issue concerning the housing market index is a recent mortgage settlement that will alter [...]

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Well Well Well − Wells Fargo! − Called Out For Fraud and Worse − Abigail Field article

June 24, 2012

Abigail has done it again. But first, get to know her a bit. She’s a New York attorney and blogger at and a contributor at Corporate Secretary Magazine and Moreover she’s strongly on the mortgage/foreclosure beat. We’re proud to present her latest: “Wells Fargo: Lying, Cheating, Paranoid, Vicious.” The link is live, or, [...]

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Must Read − Who Signed The Promissory Note? − All Homeowners Put On Your Reading Glasses AND Sit Up Straight − Take Notes

June 22, 2012

This recent article struck us to the bone − that is − in speaking tactfully and tactically to the judge. You could even do it yourself. Though it’s far far wiser to engage knowledgeable counsel to do your legal talking and pleading for you. We know some honest ones. Read all this blog, and our [...]

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Happen Here? — Nah — Maybe? — Do You Think?

June 20, 2012

  If you don’t think, we invite you to start right here with this blog. If you do think. Stay tuned.

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JP Morgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon Speaks − Senators Kow-Tow − Yes Sir

June 18, 2012

In order to have the fortitude to protect and defend your family and your home, you need to be educated. We provide that here if you are so inclined. The article below is critical for your knowledge base. We understand that many folks are in awe or fear — or, something — of the so-called [...]

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Facebook — Shoulda Done IPO in 2010

June 17, 2012

This is just for a joke, sorry if you bought Facebook stock. Trending down, just like the activity. Ah, this thing is so past it’s prime. From Barry Ritholtz via Yves Smith. Thanks.

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Comedic Relief — Ron Paul featured

June 16, 2012


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Here We Go Again − Pull Up Your Socks − Middle Class? − Going Out of Business

June 15, 2012

Ylan Q. Mui, over at the Washington Post, (with, wrote a new article, which is showing up all over the place, even on dumbed down cable TV. It’s called: “Americans saw wealth plummet 40 percent from 2007 to 2010, Federal Reserve says.” The link is live, or, read it directly below. We have, ahem, rather [...]

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This IS What You’re Up Against − What Do YOU Call It?

June 14, 2012

To put it mildly we call it, at the very least — Bad Faith. Moreover, we also call it “continuing Fraud,” which in this matter relates to knowingly withholding informationin order to take financial advantage. Joy is that in this case, the Court gets it. Good news when you consider your need to Confront Fraudulent [...]

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What Seems Like UP − Is Really DOWN − Be Prepared Through Education — Dr. Housing Bubble article

June 13, 2012

Dr. Housing Bubble is back with a great new article called: “4 emerging trends in the housing market – Pending sales falling in spite of record low wmortgage rates. How does the $750,000+ new home market look like? Would a 90 percent drop get your attention?” We have some brief snippets below, but, the link [...]

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No Surprise − ALL People Wish To Own Their OWN Home − But − Right Now??? − Maybe Not So Wise

June 11, 2012

“Not so wise” if you’re underwater or have extreme mortgage issues. Period. Yet, and on the other hand, if your loan is based in fraud and you have the education and courage to Confront Fraudulent Housing Debt to obtain a Forced Debt Reorganization − using counsel or other legal process to obtain a principal mod [...]

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Woe Be To Those Who’ve Come to Believe NOW is a Good and Safe Time to Buy − Dr. Housing Bubble article

June 10, 2012

Below we present a few paragraphs from Dr. Bubble’s recent article he called: “The failed mission of the FHA – supporting high home prices when your mission is affordability. Low interest rates are a reflection of a global financial crisis and not a healthy economy.” The link is live, and you should go there to [...]

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Macro: Deeper Trend − Manufacturing Heading Down − Bodes Ill for Consumers and Underwater Homeowners

June 9, 2012

Alex Kowalski writing over at, has a telling article called: “Factory Orders in U.S. Unexpectedly Dropped in April.” The link is live, or, read it directly below. We’re sharing this to aid your education re the larger and longer trend. Be very thoughtful. Key words in their title: “Unexpectedly Dropped….” Gee, just last week [...]

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Macro: Uh Ho — As The Euro Goes — So Go U.S. Banksters — Move Your Money to a Credit Union

June 8, 2012


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If You BELIEVE Home Values Are/Will Go Up − Can You Make It Happen? − Not Really! Dr. Housing Bubble article

June 7, 2012

Once again the Good and Smart Doctor performs his analysis based on data, real numbers. Below we’ve presented three paragraphs from this wonderful article, titled as only Dr. Bubble can title them: “Feeding on the mid-tier perception of higher home prices – Survey finds bubble tendencies in purchasing homes.“. The link is live to read [...]

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