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Homeowner’s Econ 101

First and foremost this is an education site.

We’re trying to show you, educate you, so that you’ll understand what the Banksters did, AND, how they did it. Frankly, it was illegal and fraudulent. Far beyond “Predatory Lending.”

We always say: if you know what you’re doing, you can do what you’re knowing.

We’ll bet you more than five cents that you have an illegal loan, and we intend to help you do something about it — offer you real “tools” and “processes” to confront your lender, servicer, whatever you call them, they are Banksters all.

However, you need to read our book and ALL the posts on the blog in order to understand what happened, what happened to you, what happened with your (likely illegal and predatory) loan docs.  If you do, we’ll offer tools to help you obtain your desired outcome; and prepare you to Confront Predatory (Illegal) Housing Debt.


But, homework first.

Think on it, the average home buyer spends nearly fifty hours to locate the right home, make an offer, obtain financing and Close Escrow.

We’re suggesting you spend twenty bucks and thirty hours.

Twenty bucks (or less) to buy the book.
Ten hours to read it.
Twenty hours to read all the articles on the blog.

Twenty bucks and thirty hours. Frankly, that is a heck of a deal!


P.S.  OK, time for the Next Step; we’ve written a summary, call it a study guide, to show you to how to read this blog quickly, and with impact. Impact on your brain that is. It will grow through the addition of new brain cells. That’s really what learning is: growth of new brain cells, which we call memory.

Next step:

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